The Lines Exercise

Place your index finger of your left or right hand on the START circle and follow the dotted line to the GOAL circle as quickly and exactly as possible. The evaluation of the exercise consists of both the speed and the accuracy with which you follow the line.
If you have a tablet pen (stylus or touchpen) and specify it when starting the app for the first time, you will regularly be asked to perform an iteration with the pen.



The movements of the hand are the result of a complex interaction of the processing of information. To make a movement, the following steps are performed: First, the information is recorded and then processed into an intended plan. Based on that, the necessary muscle groups are planned, and the movement is precisely coordinated. Finally, the movement performed is compared and verified with the intended target.


The steps mentioned are required in this exercise. Different neurological problems can lead to a decrease in patients’ ability to follow the line. This allows to identify certain neurological problems.

The Points Exercise

Place your thumb, index- and middle finger on the blue points. You must touch all three points simultaneously. When the three fingers are placed properly, the points will light up. Then, the three points have to be moved into the black circles. Once the blue points have correctly been placed in the circles, the blue points reappear on a different starting position and the exercise restarts. Repeat this procedure until 60 seconds are over.


This exercise uses the most important fingers of the hand. The gripping movement requires targeted and individual movements of thumb, index- and middle finger.

The Symbols Exercise

In this exercise, you can see a sequence of symbols which you have to assign to a corresponding number. If speech recognition is enabled, the number can be called out loud. Alternatively, the corresponding number can be selected by typing. The exercise takes a total of 90 seconds. The amount of correctly assigned numbers to the symbols is evaluated.


This exercise is the digital development of a routine clinical examination which examines attention and concentration.

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